Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This Would Almost Be Funny if it Wasn't So Painful

On Tuesday, I got on the phone to the card issuer to see what was up.

Well, it seems that, as usual, financial institutions continue to live down to my expectations.  It turns out that, despite our long conversation about our situation, the service rep somehow decided that I didn't want the expedited service, and sent it in with regular priority (ie - none at all)!

So, even though I talked to him on last Thursday, the request didn't even get submitted to the outside card services company until Monday! And since Monday was a government holiday, the new card didn't go into the mail until Tuesday. 

So now, there's nothing they can do.  I'm told it will "probably" get here this week sometime.   The way I figure it, it'll be at least 3 days to get here from the west coast.  That makes our earliest likely departure now at Friday!

I just cant believe how, despite all our careful planning and prep, we're still ending up getting a late start by 2 weeks!   Arrrrgh!  Well, you know what they say:  Life happens.

And listening to all the disruption that Matthew caused in North & South Carolina, maybe its just as well if we give it more time before casting off.

At this point, we have no food in the house because we cleaned out the fridge.  But the boat is loaded up!  So this evening we drove to the boat and Joan worked her usual magic and whipped us up a wonderful stovetop chicken casarole.
Joan in Her Element

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  1. It might help to just assume you have left. After all, you wanted to be on the boat by now - and you are! Does that make you feel better??
    At least the forecast is for warmer weather (although southerly till next Wednesday).
    Good luck for leaving Friday!