Friday, October 28, 2016

The "Adventure" Continues

Well, we've had another "Adventure".  I mean, how much trouble can we get in tied up to the dock? 

As it turns out, enough! :(

This morning, our prevoius traveling companions on s/v Whisper pulled in behind us to get fuel and a pumpout.  Last night, we were aimed into the current, but this morning, the tides had reversed the current,  so it was behind us.  When Whisper went to leave, they pulled the boat far enough behind us to seemingly give them plenty of room, but none of us took into account the 2 knot current coming from behind them. They got the bow out, but then the current grabbed them and swept them right into us. They made a glancing contact with Dolce Vita's starboard stern corner.  Even then, it might not have been bad at all, were it not for the boarding ladder bracket they have that stuck out at just the wrong place.  It splintered Dolce Vita's teak toe rail and took a chunk out of the fiberglass.  Fortunately, the hull integrity was not comprimised, and the solar panel mounting was still relatively intact.
Dolce Vita's Damaged Stern

Whisper's Damaged Ladder Mount
So, we exchanged insurance information, and now I've got to go through the process of filing a claim.

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