Monday, October 10, 2016

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

Yesterday, we did the final loading of the boat with perishables and loaded the last of our clothing. Joan continued to organize it all.  We were all set.  All we needed was to wait for the expedited (Ha!) delivery of our credit card on Monday, as promised, sign for it, and move aboard!

Well, here we are at 6pm Monday.  No credit card.  Will it come tomorrow?  Who knows!  And I can't even call the bank because they're closed for Columbus Day! We can't even say "What the heck, let's just go and have our daughter ship it to us somewhere down the line." because someone has to be here to sign for it!   We're essentially held hostage for an indefinite amount of time!  At this rate, there'll be snow on the ground before we leave!

Meanwhile, my inbox started filling up with more Waterway Nav alerts.  Once again, now thanks to Matthew, the Dismal Swamp canal is closed due to high water, about 3 feet over where they want it!

This is Where They Want the Water Level
This is Where It Is

In addition, the Virginia Cut side is closed at Great Bridge as well!  So, right now, there's no way south on the inside.  Hopefully, one of these routes will reopen by the time that we get there.

And then there's all the ICW closures in NC and SC, due to damage and debris.

I guess another day's delay will give it that much more time to be cleared out!


  1. Wednesday is the day! What do you and Joanie want for breakfast? I'll bring coffee and ... to see you off.


  2. My card number has been stolen three times. Argh! So I understand.