Monday, October 24, 2016

Moving Again (Sort of...)

Well, we finally got the boat on the move again.  Except that it was only a couple of hundred yards to the fuel dock!

We were all set to go this morning, honest! Set the alarm to 6 am and got up ready to go.

But it was still blowing hard with whitecaps in the harbor, despite the forcast calling for things to calm down to 10-15.  After watching three other boats depart and struggle their way out of the harbor, we decided we really didn't want to bash into that stuff  for 6 or 7 hours.  The wind at Cape Charles was W, but the reported wind down at the Bay Bridge-Tunnel was SW, so it would have stayed on our nose the whole way.

Our new friends on Promise went North, and they had a good sail once they were far enough out of Cape Charles and could head North.

We stayed around, and worked on boat projects; Joan making curtains, and me repairing some velcro on a cushion back.

Later in the afternoon, the weather quickly changed and became almost dead calm, with a very light breeze out of the NNE!  The Marina became glassy smooth, and we decided to take this opportunity to get out of our slip and head to the fuel dock for gas, water, and a pump-out.  Afterwards, with the harbormaster's permission, we tied-up on one of the dock's T-Heads instead of going back to our slip.  This way, even if its blowing hard tomorrow morning, it will be easier to cast off.

So, we're all ready to resume our travels in the morning.

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