Monday, October 3, 2016


I'm sitting here staring out at the sunny day and feeling stymied.  After 2 weeks of mad activity to hit our original Oct 1 departure date, it just feels strange to be sitting here waiting for hurricane Matthew to do something definitive. A classic case of "hurry up and wait".

Models continue to show that the high pressure ridges over Bermuda and the Ohio valley will likely push Matthew first NNW, so that it runs up the Eastern side of the Bahamas, and then NNE so that it runs up the coast.  But the uncertainty is high, as it could still do anything from coming ashore in South Carolina to veering out to sea. 

Most of the models show the strong possibility of Tropical-Storm force winds on at least part of the Bay sometime on Saturday Oct 8.  So we wait...

Matthew Projected Track Mon Oct 3

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