Monday, October 31, 2016

Pump 1, Phone 0

Saturday, while we waited for the new raw water pump to arrive, I did an oil change while Joan performed functional testing on our horizontal deployment system.

The new pump arrived as promised, and I got right to work on it.  Before long, it was installed and tested.  Perfect!  Things were finally looking up!

So, we were all set to be on our way again Sunday.  That evening, we got together with new friands Lee and Kathy aboard their Passport 40 "Imagine" for sundowners and cards.  We had a great time.

Then, as we were climbing off their boat in the dark, I heard "bloop" and "Oh Ed, my phone!"  Joan's phone had slipped in her hand and gone overboard!  It now sleeps with the fishes. So, for the moment, we're short of comms.  Joan can still get her e-mail when we have WiFi, but no texts until we get the phone replaced. :(

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