Friday, September 16, 2016

Success, sort of...

Yesterday I got to the boat to check up on how the newly reinsulated refrigeration system was doing.  Initial inspection looked good.  The freezer side was getting down to its setpoint of -15C (about 5 degrees F) and the cooler side was staying between 2C and and 3C ( 35F to 38F).  The compressor's duty cycle seemed to be greatly reduced, indicating that the added insulation was doing it's job.

Unfortunately, this was in the morning, before it warmed up.

In the afternoon, the outside temperature soared to 90, and the cooler's circulation fan was struggling to keep up.  It ended up running 100% of the time, but only getting the cooler side down to 2.4C (about 36F).  I think this means I'm going to have to use a bigger fan that moves more air.

I also took the time to permanantly mount and label the fan controller.

Today I moved the freezer's setpoint down to -18C (about 0 F) in the hope that the colder freezer air would give the circulation fan a little help in getting the cooler section's temperature down to where I want it.

We're going on a weekend trip this Saturday to give the system a "live fire" test.

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