Saturday, September 24, 2016

6 Days to Go

Well, the new freezer fan is helping a little, but the freezer bottom is still wandering between 22 F and 25 F.  A new water bottle I placed there had not frozen in 16 hrs.  At this point, we're out of time, so it'll just have to do as it is.

Sorry there are no pictures today.  had a very limited amount of time at the boat today, and I used it to do an oil change, and load propane on the boat.

Our friend Scott Thorne is making all haste to get his Pearson 385 Irish Blessing ready to go by Oct 1st, and he just might make it!  He was putting on the first coat of bottom paint today, and expects to have it back in the water and the mast back up by mid week!  It'll be good to have Scott as a buddy boat, as he has made this trip south before.

T minus 6 and counting...

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  1. I wonder if having the box full of food will help? Probably wishful thinking!