Monday, September 19, 2016

A Quick Shakedown

This past weekend, we gave the boat's systems a quick shakedown by attending the annual "hurricane" rendezvous of the Pearson Sailing Association, which was held on Swan Creek in the Eastern shore of the upper Chesapeake.

We had a great sail over, and were having such a good time that we turned around while approaching Swan Creek and sailed back halfway across the Bay before turning back to head into the Creek!
A total of four boats attended the raftup, with seven people in attendance:
Left to right: Joan Criscuolo, Bob Morrow, Anne Martin, Elaine Leigh, Bob Leigh, John Martin

Joan loves to cook on the boat, and the weekend was no exception!  We never go hungry! Saturday's hors d'oeuvres included bacon wrapped scallops, and Sunday's breakfast was 3-cheese scrambled eggs and chicken-spinach sausage.

On Sunday, we got a late start back because we were just feeling lazy.  Joan & Anne took a short swim and there were no jellyfish.

We got off by 1, and the wind looked like a promising 10 out of the South, but as soon as we sailed across the Swan Point Bar, the wind died.  After an hour of drifting on the current, we gave up and motored back towards the Patapasco. 

By then we were feeling a little nibbley, so Joan said she would fix some cold chicken with lettuce.  I was expecting a snack.  What I got was this:
It was delicious!
The refrigeration did well, keeping the cooler side of the icebox under 38 with no ice.  The power consumption was a bit higher than I'd hoped, but still manageable.  Looks like we will need around 70 Amp-Hours per day overall.  Hopefully, the solar panels can make up the bulk of this, and the wind generator fill in the rest.  With any luck, we may not need to run our engine to charge the batteries while at anchor!

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  1. Great blog for your trip Ed. You do a great job of posting - with photos and prose. I hope you take the Dismal Canal down or back. I've gone that way twice and the eastern route once and much prefer the Dismal Swamp. Ron