Friday, February 10, 2017

Leaf cay

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Another day in paradise.

Spurred by stories of success from a neighboring boat, Joanie tried her hand at fishing again.

The Fisherman
Good thing we weren't counting on this for dinner!  As usual, we caught nothing.

Since we had already been to SW Allen's Cay and Leaf Cay yesterday, today we were going to go to Allen's Cay and have a lunch on the beach.  We packed everything into a large wetsack, tossed it in the dinghy, and headed out.

Only, it turned out that all of the shoreline of Allen's Cay on the inside was rocky, with only one small beach, barely 10 ft wide and littered with tidal debris.  And no iguanas.

So, we headed back to Leaf Cay, which had two nice beaches, and pitched our super compact folding beach chairs, and defended our lunch from hungry iguanas while sitting back and chillin'.

Private Beach. Just You, Me, and the Iguanas!
Kick back and relax
There was one iguana larger than the rest who seemed to claim us as "his" territory, and would chase off any smaller iguanas that got too close.
King Poobah of the Iguanas
You Belong to ME!
Tomorrow, with great reluctance, we will pull anchor and head south to Norman's Cay, where we will stay for a few days to let a small cold front blow through.

Life is good.

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