Thursday, February 2, 2017

Great Harbor Cay (2)

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The golf cart wasn't due back until 1:00pm today, so we made one last trip in it.  There's a small, secluded beach not too far from the marina called Bardot Beach, so named because french actress Brigitte Bardot used to go there. 

We set off, following the signs to "beach access".  An overgrown pair of ruts turned off into the woods, which we actually missed on the first time thru.  As the ruts headed downhill, they became more and more rutted, as this was obviously a washed-out streambed during the rainy season!

The cart bottomed-out more than once, and we finally had to park it and walk the last of the way.  As we neared the water, we heard voices, but there was no other vehicle in sight.  How did they get there?  As we turned the last corner onto the beach, we saw that it was Joanne and David from s/v Parka, our dock neighbors.  They had arrived by dinghy because they were told the access trail was overgrown and impassable!
Dave & Joanne with Joan
Bardot Beach is a small, secluded pocket of sand collected between two rocky prometories of land.  The beach litteraly ends abruptly in either direction, and is sheltered from view from the entrance channel.  Only very shallow draft boats, like a dinghy or a kayak, can get to it by water, or get to a point where it can even be seen from the water!

We managed to get the cart turned around, and it made it back up the rocky slope, still without breaking in two, although it felt like it was going to at any moment! Once safely back at the marina, we turned in the key and bid farewell to our golf-carting adventures.

Joan bought a pair of freshly-prepared conch salads for her and Bill for lunch (too much bell peppers for my tastes).  The live conch were harvested and prepared before your very eyes.
This Conch Salad Was Wriggling Moments Ago!
That evening, we pulled another half-dozen tails out of the freezer and had lobster for dinner.  Its a tough job, but somebody'd got to do it! ;)
Lobster on the Grill, Yum!
Life is good.

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