Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Monday, February 6, 2017

When we awoke this morning, we discovered, to our great surprise, that we hadn't been dreaming, we really were in the Exumas!

After one of Joan's always fantastic breakfasts (who knew there were so many ways to prepare eggs!), we jumped in the dinghy and headed for the beach on SW Allen's Cay for our first look at the iguanas.

And we weren't to be disappointed!  The iguanas, by now conditioned to equate humans with free handouts, immediately swarmed all over the beach, heads held up expectantly waiting for a morsel of food to be tossed.  Of course, we had brought nothing, because you're not supposed to feed them!
Hungry Iguanas Greet Joan on the Beach
Like a prehistoric relic

The shallow beach was very exposed at low tide, and we could wade in the shallows and beachcomb along the rocky shore.  And the views back across the anchorage were simply spetacular!
I hope we never become jaded to views like this!
We got back in the dinghy and made the short ride over to Leaf Cay, where more iguanas waited for us.

The Ground is Criss-Crossed with Iguana Tracks
We hiked uphill thru the dense underbrush to the ruin of an old building, and got some great views of Dolce Vita at anchor.

DV at anchor
Once over the crest of the low hill, we emerged on the far side of the tiny island to discover a huge sand beach.  Joan had to control herself to not collect every shell in sight!
Another great beach all to ourselves!
We plan to stick around this anchorage and enjoy it for another day before moving on to the next Cay.

Life is good.


  1. I guess you could now say you ARE "living the dream". Congratulations!!!

  2. Have you had iguana dreams?