Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Dolphin House

Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday, the storms had passed, but the wind was still howling out of the west.  We hiked up to The High Road to view the western shore.  As soon as we crested the hill, we were sandblasted by the grit-filled wind, and greeted with a vista filled with crashing waves as far out as we could see, and palm trees bent back by the 40 knot winds.
Angry Seas

Windswept Palms
The winds weren't forecast to drop for another day, and since it takes around a day after the winds stop for the waves to settle down, it looks like we won't be going anywhere until Wednesday at the earliest.

On this part of the North Bimini, there is a structure called The Dolphin House.  It's claim to fame is that the builder/proprietor, Ashley Saunders, has built it entirely out of "found materials".  Whatever the sea washes up, and scrap salvaged from both new construction and demolition, all go into it with a flair for the creative. 
Dolphin House
Originally built as two stories, it is currently being expanded by adding a third story.  The first contains a gift shop and museum, while the second is a complete two bedroom / two bath apartment.
But the amazing thing is the overwhelming amount of detailed and creative mossaics that adorn every  square inch.  Words just fail me, so I'll let the pictures do the talking.
Detailed Columns

Museum/Shop Entrance

Outside Shower for Removing Beach Sand

Beer Bottle Window

Kitchen/Dining Area

Main Room
Even a Broken Floor Tile Represents an Opportunity
for Creative Expression

Ashley Recounts How He Spent
an Entire Summer Building This Column.
The Chain is From a Sunken Galleon.

License Plates From All Over the Bahamas,
As Well As All 50 US States.
18 foot long 3 Dolphin Mossaic

Mermaid Shrine
More Floor Art

One of Two Bedrooms
A Handfull of Nickels Turns
This Cracked Mirror Into a Piece of Art
There's lots more, but this post is too big already!  You can check Joan's Blog for a completely separate set of pictures.

When we returned to the dock, the lobster man was back, and he had a lot.  After some dickering, Joan and Louise split an order of two dozen lobster tails for $80 plus two Corona's. 
One Dozen Lobster Tails
Six went into the freezer, and the other six went onto the grill for Joan, Bill, and me.  Split and basted with lemon butter, they were delicious!
Lobster Dinner Aboard!
Life is most assuredly good!

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