Friday, January 27, 2017

Exploring Bimini (2)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

This morning, the lobster man came by.  That's right, the lobster man. Sort of like a milk man, except he brings lobster.  We purchased six spiny lobster tails for $20! they went into the freezer, as we already had dinner plans for this evening.

Marilyn got a dozen of the boaters at Blue Water Marina to go on a brief ferry ride to South Bimini Island, and hike about a half mile to the Thirsty Turtle Bar and Grill for lunch.
Waiting for the ferry at Government dock
for the short ride to South Bimini
just across the inlet.

Motley crew of boaters invades South Bimini
The Thirsty Turtle
Lunch took a long time because a lone woman was the waitress, bartender, and cook!  And she had to prepare 13 orders!  Fortunately, there was lots of cold Kalik (A Bahamian Beer) to go 'round while we waited.

After lunch, we hiked further to the Bimini Sands development.  It used to be a resort and marina, but it went private condo, and the owner's association is still figuring out what to do with the resturant, bar, and marina.  Bimini Sands shows up on the charts as "Pink Townhouses" because they are visible from a long way out on the water!
The Resort sign still remains

Hey, who let these guys in?!

Their harbor is well protected from everything except Westerlies.
Once we got back, I prepped the boat for the big cold front that was coming through on Sunday night/Monday morning. Winds were predicted to peak as high as 60 knots from the West! I folded and wrapped the bimini top, put extra ties around the mainsail cover, and put up cross-bracing straps on the solar panel frame.

That evening there was a pot-luck cookout at the marina for all the boaters.  We grilled fresh wahoo fillets than had been given to us earlier by one of the powerboaters who had caught more than he had room for in his coolers.  It was delicious!  Life is good.
Joanie Checks on the Wahoo

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