Thursday, November 10, 2016

To Charleston

Dawn broke crisp and cold on Five Fathom Creek.  Durring the night, we had reversed our direction twice with the tide, but the anchor remained in place.  As we were preparing to pull it, a dolphin surfaced repeatedly, holding position alongside, possibly feeding on whatever was being swept to him by the current.  Hopefully another good omen.
Dolphin at Five Fathom Creek
Back on the way again, only this time it was at low tide. There was a lot of "skinny" water for the first few hours.  Twice our depth alarm went off, indicating depths of less than 6 feet.

In the middle of these hundreds of acres of marshlands, there was a single house with a large dock.  I wonder what it's story is?
One Lone House
Who Built It? Why?
Lots of pelicans everywhere.

As we passed through the upscale Isle of Palms area, developments and boats were packed shoulder to shoulder.
While across the canal, Goat Island was a little more sparse, with stand-alone houses instead of condos.

Charleston harbor was like a smaller version of the Chesapeake Bay, with large commercial tugs and barges moving  continuously, and a very unique looking suspension bridge.
On arrival at the only marina where we could get a slip, we had to pass under a 55 ft high fixed bridge.  Since our mast is 45 ft, and the VHF antenna another 5 ft, and we passed the bridge at high tide, it was really close!

With Dolce Vita safely tied up, we watched the sun set over the marina.

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