Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Tuesday morning in Belhaven, we got up early to look for the "dolphin feeding frenzy" at dawn that one internet site suggested we keep an eye out for.  We saw exactly as many dolphins as we saw alligators the previous two days. ;)

Once on our way, it was a pretty uneventful trip.  Easy runs through the various canals, then a run up the Neuse River with Pamlico Sound at our back. Good size swells were on our stern quarter, so the boat was rolling and hobby-horsing again.  Thankfully, this did not last.

As we neared Oriental, a large subset of the many southbound boats veered off of "the magenta line" and headed for port.  We wanted to snag one of the free dock spaces, but with this many boats heading there, it seemed unlikely.

And that was the case.  Even though it was only early afternoon, the free docks were full.  Our fallback was to anchor in the harbor, but the anchorage is narrow, and already had too many boats with not enough scope out.  So, we bit the bullet and called in for a slip at the Oriental Marina & Inn.  Very nice facility, with resturant and tiki bar onsite, and an easy walk into town.

The first thing we did was to visit "The Bean", Oriental's iconic coffee shop on the waterfront by the town dock.
The Bean

We walked in to town, and found the Oriental Marine Consignment Shop.  Somewhat like Bacon's in Annapolis.  Nirvana for the cruising sailor!

With not enough time left in the afternoon to do the town justice, we decided to take a lay-day here to give us a full day to explore.  So, on Wednesday, we borrowed free loaner bikes from the "Inland Waterway Provision Company" and rode in.  Joan selected a trike with a large basket so we could pick up some provisions at the hardware store and the "Piggley-Wiggley".
Joan Doing Her Imitation of a Folrida Retiree
A dinner with friends at the M&M Cafe finished off the day.

Tomorrow we move on.  Based on the paucity of good anchorages in the Moorehead City/Beauford area, we will probably push on to Swansboro, or beyond.

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  1. Oriental deserves its name has the sailing capital of North Carolina. Great place to visit.