Monday, May 1, 2017

An Unexpected (Re)Encounter

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Departed Jekyll Harbor Marina and prepared to traverse the Little Mud River, one of the two most notorious spots in the Georgia ICW for shoaling.  After all our planning, and timing for favorable tides, it ended up being a non-event.  We cautiously felt our way through it, but never saw any water that was shallow enough to give us any trouble.

Along the way, we were passed by a trawler who warned us that there was a police chase for some armed fugitives coming up behind us, and we might be stopped and boarded to be checked.  We saw numerous police boats going up and down the river, but none of them ever did anything but wave.  I guess they figured fugitives were unlikely to commandeer a 6-knot sailboat as an escape vehicle!

We were originally going to anchor on the Back River, but we made such good progress that we pressed on farther and ended the day anchored on Walburg Creek.
End of Another Successful Voyage

Friday, April 21, 2017

Another change of plans.  We set out today headed for an anchorage in Turner's Creek.  Along the way, we stopped at a marina near Savanna for fuel and a pumpout, intending to continue on.  While on the fuel dock, we heard a voice calling  "Joan...".  Turned to find our friends Louise and Jim were there!  We hadn't seen them since Bimini back in January!  So, of course, "New Plan".  We stayed in a slip there for the night.  The marina (Isle of Hope), has a courtesy car, so we signed it out and the four of us went out to dinner.
Dinner with Jim & Louise
Tomorrow, we will be out of Georgia, headed for an anchorage just past Beaufort, SC. It only took four traveling days (not counting our stay in Jekyll Island) to get through the state  So far, the Georgia ICW hasn't really been that much of a challenge.  Of course, the fact that our boat only draws 4 1/2 feet might have something to do with that!

Life is good.

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