Friday, April 21, 2017

Northern Florida

Tuesday, March 11, 2017
Monday, March 17, 2017

After our pleasant stay in Vero Beach, we pressed on for 2 days to Cocoa, FL where Joan's cousin Joe, and his wife Janice, live.  We had stopped there to visit on the way down at Thanksgiving, and had promised we'd stop in on the way back North.

It was nice to have a couple days of down time.  It was the first time we've slept off the boat since Christmas break!  Felt strange.  The bed didn't rock. ;)

Joe has a nice place on a small pond, inhabited by catfish and giant turtles.  He feeds the turtles, and they will come right up to the shore.  One big fellow is about 2 feet long at the shell!  They have a strange looking head, with a flattened neck and a tubular snout, looking more like a baby alligator head than a turtle!  We think its an Eastern Softshell Turtle.

Pond in Joe's Backyard
Strange looking snout
He's a big fellow! That shell is 2 ft long!

After Cocoa, we started really putting some miles under the keel.  45 NM the first day, a whopping 59 NM the second day, and 49 NM the third day.   This got us to an anchorage just south of Fernandina Beach, which is still closed due to damage from hurricane Matthew last fall.  Tomorrow, we will cross the St. Mary's River and begin our inside passage through Georgia!

The weather is perfect and life is good.

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