Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Black Point: Laundry and Loss

Thursday, March 16, 2017

After two extra days anchored off of Little Farmer's Cay due to a passing Westerly, we finally hauled up the anchor and and headed out the shallow North exit from the anchorage.  We waited until 10 am to catch the high tide in order to minimize the chances of running aground.

A scant 10 miles later, we were anchored off of the town dock of Black Point, which is on Great Guana Cay.  Black Point is the second largest settlement in the Exumas.  Only Georgetown is larger.

Black Point's harbor is shaped like a giant "V", with the wide part facing West.  As a result, it has no protection from the West, and the wind driven waves from that direction roll right in, undiminished.  That's why we had to wait in Little Farmer's until the Westerly passed.

Black point has several well-stocked markets, several restaurants, and boasts the best laundry in the entire Bahamas!  And they weren't kidding.  Rockside Laundromat really is nice, with lots of clean, functioning machines, and an attached store with supplies, food, free WiFi, and souvenirs. We both got T-shirts!

Adderley's Market, Golf Cart Rental, Room Rental, and Justice of the Peace!

Rockside Laundromat
We spent the entire first visit ashore doing multiple loads of laundry.  Fresh clean bedsheets, what a luxury!

The next day, we hiked around town and put in a reservation for a St. Patrick's Day buffet dinner at Loraine's Cafe, another well-known Black Point establishment.  We also purchased fresh-baked loaves of Coconut and Rasin Bread from Loraine's mother, Corrine.


Fresh baked bread.  Still warm!
Regatta Point Park

Regatta Beach
Joan getting instruction in palm weaving, called plaiting

After the excellent dinner at Loraine's on Friday night, we had to dinghy back in the dark.  It was a wet ride, and we had to hunt for our boat among all the others.  Joan calls it "exhilarating.".

Once back aboard, I had a minor disaster occur.  While retrieving our folding boarding ladder, I lost control of it, and it folded up on me and hit me in the bridge of the nose.  Hurt like hell.  I thought I was lucky I didn't break it.  I went below to check for any bleeding, and only then discovered that my glasses were gone!  The one time I forget to wear my croakeys on them and this happens!  We went back on deck with lights, hoping that they were lying on the deck, but no such luck.  Gone.

Saturday morning, we got a lookey bucket and searched the bottom around the boat from the dinghy, but again, no luck.  The boat moves in a large arc on its anchor line, and there's no telling exactly where we were the night before when I lost them.

And just to put the cherry on top, I couldn't find the spare pair I packed!  How can they get lost in a 32 ft boat??

So now, I'm without glasses for a while.  Reading, navigating, and blogging have all become exercises in squinting, often leading to a headache.   I have my lens prescriptions with me, and we've been in contact with an Optician in Nassau,  so when we get there in a week or so, I'll have to get new ones made.

Later today, we're going to move a few miles North to anchor off of Bitter Guana Cay  This is a protected iguana habitat, and we expect to see lots more iguanas. Well, at least Joanie will see them...

Despite setbacks, life is still good.

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